141646-11094 | EXHAUST VALVE SEAT

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CYM was established in 1956 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSSC. Specializing in the design and production of marine diesel engine bearings and bushings, intake and exhaust valves and valve seats, water and oil pumps, and camshafts. She is MAN China OEM and Daihatsu China OEM, and her products are sold in Germany and other European and American markets and Japanese markets.



The valve seats are made of heat-resistant steel. The seating surfaces are hardened in order to minimize wear and prevent dent marks.


The item is strictly produced in accordance with Yanmar original technical standard and drawings. The performance of it is the same as Yanmar genuine part, and also, it is able to be exchanged with YANMAR genuine part.



1.1.   The valve seat is requested to mount on the cylinder head in according to cold-fitting procedure, which cold medium is liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

1.2.   In order to prevent O-ring from being damaged during installation, special tools are required.

1.3.   In order to prevent cylinder head from being damaged during installation, special tools are required.

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