103.598.333.303 (C265000070) | CYLINDER LINER-E-SP

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Founded in 1945, FKS is focused on the design and manufacture of the tachometer. As the OEM maker of Daihatsu Japan and Yanmar, all their parts are sold to the customers all around the world.



Cylinder liner is made of high grade cast iron material and its inner surface is super precision finished by honing. It is secured at three positions,upper, center (O-ring area) and lower positions. A thin protect ring is provided on the inner periphery at the top to prevent accumulation of carbon sludge.


The item is strictly produced in accordance with Daihatsu Japan original technical standard and drawings. The performance of it is the same as Daihatsu Japan genuine part, and also, it is able to be exchanged with Daihatsu Japan genuine part.


Certified with BV certificate



1.1.   Wear of the cylinder liner and protection ring inner diameters depends on the quality of the fuel oil used, control of lubricating oil, and cooling water temperature. Progress of wear causes problems such as blow-by and increase in the consumption of lubricating oil, and therefore when the parts reach or come close to the use limit, be minded to replace them in an earlier stage.

1.2.   In case of the corrosion or cavitation is found, the following possible reasons can be considered:

        1) Cooling water rust preventive agent is not effectively working.

        2) Cooling water pressure is low.

        3) Cooling water is mixed with air.

        Conduct appropriate cooling water control in strict conformance with the Control Standard.

1.3.   Pale gray-brownish deposit is a film of the rust preventive agent that has been used. Therefore, do not remove it.

1.4.  1) Do not apply silicone rubber to the O-ring.

        2) After silicone rubber is applied, assemble the cylinder liner at a little earlier timing heffner it dries.

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24 months from the receipt of the item.
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