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SSQ has 35 years of production history. She has completed a number of technical projects related to bearing bush. Customers include all 5 new diesel engine manufacturers and 5 major repair plants of China Railway, 14 railway bureaus and dozens of medium repair sections.

In diesel engine bearing products, the company has accounted for about 70% of China's domestic market share, and has made good achievements in the localization of PS-26, DK-20 and other imported marine diesel engine bearing.



The main bearing shells are made of aluminum alloy of high wear resistance, and the top and bottom bearing shell are positioned by means oi the claw.


The item is strictly produced in accordance with Daihatsu Japan original technical standard and drawings. The performance of it is the same as Daihatsu Japan genuine part, and also, it is able to be exchanged with Daihatsu Japan genuine part.



1.1.   To prevent spontaneous fall of the shell cap, immediately mount the shell cap implement-1 after removing the main bearing cap tightening nut on one side.

1.2.   Be careful so that the main bearing shell extracting implement may not come off the oil hole. Application of grease to the insertion side of the extracting implement will make it difficult for the implement to come off.

1.3.   Be careful not to turn the crankshaft in a wrong direction. The positioning claw is provided on the main bearing shell, and it will be damaged if the crankshaft is turned in a wrong direction..

1.4.   The main bearing shell is a thin-wall finished metal, and provided with appropriate interference (crush) and tension, so as to make it tightly fit to the housing surface. Therefore, do not repair the rear surface and joint surfaces with a file or scraper.

        1) Long-time use of the shells brings about the reduction of tension and hardening of the shell surfaces to cause crack and peel of the shells, even if the wear is below the allowable value. Therefore, be minded to replace the shells every 16,000 to 24,000 hours (4 to 5 years).

        2) Be sure to simultaneously replace the top and bottom shells as one pair set.

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