About Us

With nearly 30 years of experience, we believe that to do a good job in maritime services, we must concentrate on this industry alone. We focus solely on producing the best diesel engine parts, while other businesses have interests in more than one industry. Building long term relationships with well-known diesel engine manufacturers, we believe in the importance of specialization, technology and strict quality control. The motto “Good quality, low price, full range, fast delivery and good service” has set a new professional standard in the industry.

 With the development of international trade, as well as fierce competition shipping globally, we understand that you are looking for a reliable supplier to provide you solutions in supply chain management. This is a critical component of our mission.

 Our vision at United Diesel Services is to become the most reliable and professional diesel engine parts supplier and service provider. We hope to use our full capacity to meet the needs of all customers.

 In order to achieve these goals, we strive to exceed customer expectations, delivering quality service efficiently. We also understand and work with customers, the center of our work. We focus on 4-stroke diesel engines and components, with a wide range of supply, abundant inventory (more than 18,000 different parts) and global inventory points. With our strategies, we also manage and maximize the life expectancy of our diesel engine components for our users. We believe that through our services, we can ensure the safe operation of your diesel engine, saving you the cost of operation and management. 

 As a company certified by LR ISO 9001:2015, we have instilled a quality management system. With our internal quality department, we ensure that all parts are inspected and conform to all specifications. In addition, we offer a 12-month warranty period, which extends to 24 months for main components.

 In order to assist with customers with purchases, we can help analyze diesel engines, providing you with the best plan to ensure the correct diesel engine components are supplied.