Intro to United Diesel Services Co,Ltd.

Intro to United Diesel Services Co,Ltd.

With over 30 years of experience, UDS is a reliable professional service provider for the supply chain of marine 4-stroke diesel engines.

We aspire to become the most reliable and professional diesel engine parts supplier and service provider. But how are we trying to attain this goal of becoming the best of the best? Listed below are a few qualities that set us apart!

#1: A distinctive business model

The usual Ship Supplier’s business model, which is "customer-oriented", maximizes the needs of users and provides all equipment an "one-stop" spare parts trading service. Such as: marine propulsion main engines, power generation diesel engines, superchargers, oil separators, boilers, and water pumps.

The UDS business model is a rare "product-oriented" model that focuses on making products and attaching importance to technology and quality. Our application data provides customers with value-added product services such as purchasing, quality control, warehousing and logistics.

#2: A distinctive professional team

Unlike the usual Ship Supplier’s team, which is structured by trade operators, 25% of the UDS team are engineers from diesel engine manufacturers. Our genes are filled with DNA that respects technology, understands diesel engines, and pays attention to quality. This allows us to provide customers with excellent pre-sale services, post-sale services and optimization of diesel engine parts & components.

#3: A distinctive professional operation

We only focus on 4-stroke marine diesel engine parts and services, and devote all resources to our long-term business. This enables us to provide professional services to customers such as marine diesel engine manufacturers, ship owners, ship management companies, stockists and intermediaries. Because of our focus, we have become professional! Because of our professionalism, we have become outstanding! Because of our excellence, we have the ability to create value for our users!

#4: A distinctive supply chain

We work above and beyond to create the best experience for our clients. Our team has the expertise to gather the right information so that I can give you the best pricing possible. "Creating value for users" is our unique supply chain vision. This concept brings various well-known diesel engine manufacturers and well-known diesel engine component manufacturers to work together. They use long-term professional experience, strong technical capabilities, and advanced production methods to provide customers with value-added services of “good quality + low price + good service”.

#5: A distinctive warehousing system

We have a distinctive full range of spare parts storage system with parts ranging from the engine frame and crankshaft to gaskets and O-rings. We have more than 5,000 square meters of warehouse space and more than 36,000 kinds of 4-stroke marine diesel engine spare parts! Our outstanding warehousing system allows us to provide customers with professional services of “all goods + fast delivery + good service”.

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2021 Aug 16th

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