Why Choose UDS

Why Choose UDS

Why chose UDS - part 1

Among the many suppliers that are available, you must be wondering, why choose United Diesel Services Co., Ltd.?

The answer is simple, it’s because of our unique business model!

Maritime service is a business that needs to be close to users, and provide as much as possible a "one-stop" service. A very regional business. Consequently, the usual maritime companies need to be dealing with many different manufacturers to fulfill the many procurement requirements that they have to handle.

A ship is like a moving city, and various equipment supports the various functions of the entire ship. They have a two-stroke low-speed navigation, the main engine for propelling ships, a 4-stroke medium-speed diesel generator set for the power supply of the whole ship, a supercharger used to improve the combustion efficiency of diesel engines, and a compression of compressed air for the work of the whole ship. There is a boiler that provides heat energy, an oil separator that guarantees the quality of fuel and lubricating oil that enters the diesel engine, a hydraulic system that guarantees the work of the whole ship, a power system and control system that guarantees the safe navigation of the whole ship, and a steering gear for the navigation of the ship. There are anchoring equipment for ships sailing at sea, various systems of water pumps, fuel pumps, lubricating oil pumps, and air conditioning systems to ensure the proper temperature of the entire ship. In the absence of communication and navigation systems and equipment for ship navigation, there are hundreds of systems and equipment to ensure the relaying of the information. These systems and equipment are manufactured by hundreds of professionals and system companies.

The shipping business is a capital-intensive and complex industry with high entry barriers, difficult exit mechanisms and high costs. For the shipping company to be profitable and to cut on costs, they sometimes need to rely on one unique supplier, sometimes a marine services or ship supplier company that provides a "one-stop" service. The advantage of this service is that the shipowner simplifies its procurement operations. The disadvantage is that the limited resources of a company result in uneven product quality, high procurement costs and may end up with longer delivery periods. Lack of professional and technical services.

The rapid increase in international trade caused by globalization has spawned a large demand for shipping and freight, so a large amount of capital entered the shipping industry. The emergence and intensification of competition has brought a sharp drop in the profitability of this industry, and the shipping industry is an industry subject to great fluctuations. The unprofessional shortcomings in the traditional "one-stop" service are magnified, and the industry calls for "good quality, low cost, fast delivery, and good service from professional companies. More and more shipowners hope that their equipment will be provided with professional spare parts and serviced by technical companies that are familiar with and understand the equipment. But unfortunately, this is rarely the case!

In order to meet the users’ needs, UDS focuses its resources on 4-stroke marine diesel engine spare parts and services, product-oriented, pays attention to technology and quality, and provides users with technical support, procurement support, quality control, warehousing planning, and logistics services.

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2021 Nov 7th

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