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Our warehouse based on the principle of good products. For us, every detail is very important. Because we want to make sure that the products you receive are correct and that the parts and assemblies are produced according to the high quality standards of the diesel engine manufacturing company.


We have established strict product inspection procedures, and specify the inspection contents and methods of the products and the disposal requirements for the unqualified products for each product specification.


In order to ensure the control of product quality, we established the quality control department at the beginning of the company's creation. Invest in a large number of testing equipment and tools to ensure the inspection and testing of all products.


Our procurement strategy is based on working with China's best marine diesel license manufacturing companies and their OEMs. The procurement principles focus on the above-mentioned companies in China, Japan, Europe and South Korea. For high quality products from United Diesel Service, we provide you with 12 months warranty after delivery. The United Diesel Service components are strictly in accordance with the installation requirements of the original diesel engine manufacturing company and operate under the normal operating conditions specified by the original diesel engine manufacturing company. In the event of any quality problems, in addition to the routine quality survey, United Diesel Service will be responsible for free replacement of the product (this work cost includes the product itself and logistics costs).