Why Choose UDS

Wondering why you should choose UDS?

UDS has a different logistics system from its peers. With its professional large-scale warehouse, its data supported planning system, a global logistics system that empowers users, and excellent locations, to serve our customers the best way we can.

Here are some of our best assets:

1. Large-scale warehouse:

The spare parts storage warehouse is more than 5,000 square meters, storing more than 36,000 kinds of spare parts for Daihatsu, MAN and Yanmar 4-stroke marine diesel engines. A three-dimensional warehouse managed by ERP.

2. Professional warehouse:

As UDS’s business focuses on 4-stroke marine diesel engines, we store a full range of spare parts for Daihatsu DK-20, DK-26, DK-28, DC-17, DE-18 and DE-23 diesel engines etc., full range of spare parts for MAN L16/24, L23/30 and L28/32 diesel engines etc., Yanmar S185, M200, M220, N18, N21 and EY18 diesel engines etc.

3. Data-supported planning system:

It is very difficult to plan spare parts demand! Because you don't know what your users need in 1 minute. Using the data, experience accumulated over the years and the "water storage" function of the central warehouse, we can accurately customize personalized warehousing plans and purchasing plans for users. Then generate weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual storage plans for our central warehouse. These "water storage" plans maximize the balance between planned and actual demand changes and meet the special requirements of maritime after-sales service.

4. The logistics model that empowers users:

Make full use of the "water storage" function of the central warehouse and establish a "central warehouse + local warehouse" to provide users with faster services. Replenish the "high-frequency products" of warehouse users through sea freight quarterly, and replenish the "low-frequency products" of warehouse users and/or products that have received orders by air every week, so as to improve users' ability to serve customers.

5. Global logistics distribution system:

Due to years of construction, UDS is able to provide global users with logistics services such as ocean freight, air freight and express delivery. According to the user's requirements, the spare parts can be delivered to the user's designated location quickly and economically.

6. Excellent geographical location:

We set our operation center in Tianjin, China, which is the third largest industrial city in China and the fourth largest seaport in the world. The warehouse is 120 kilometers away from Beijing Airport and 30 kilometers away from Tianjin Airport.

7. Superior location advantages:

Our operation center is located in the world's largest shipbuilding country, close to China's shipbuilding power supporting industries and their supply chains. These provide great convenience for obtaining spare parts quickly, conveniently and economically. Supplement "high frequency products" for warehouse users.

We are always here to assist our customers with their purchases. Our team can provide customers with technical services before sales. Ask us for a quote and we'll be happy to provide you with the best parts package for your diesel engines.

2021 Dec 8th

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