Why choose UDS

Why choose UDS

Among the many suppliers, why choose United Power Co., Ltd.?

Because of our unique supply chain.

In addition to the differences we introduced in the past (different business models, different professional teams, different products and different logistics systems), we are very different from our competitors in that UDS is not a company, but a A supply chain composed of top diesel engine supporting enterprises serving users.

Due to long-term cooperation, UDS and its suppliers are no longer a simple business relationship, but a community of shared destiny. UDS regularly shares industry, market, sales and new product development information with the supply chain, and the supply chain shares product technology, quality control, after-sales service and other information with UDS.

In the new product development stage, each member of the supply chain begins to develop and design their products together with diesel engine manufacturers to ensure that the quality of the products meets the design requirements of the original diesel engine company. The process reduces the cost of the product.

This supply chain is recognized by brand-name diesel engine manufacturers, many of which are OEMs of world-renowned brand diesel engine manufacturers.

Due to the unique supply chain, UDS can provide users with diesel engine manufacturers' new diesel engine quality standard parts (good quality) + products directly supplied by the supply chain (low cost) + professional technical services (excellent service)-for Users create value!

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2021 Nov 29th

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