lock plus

How could I view the price?

We are wholesale professional industrial business which requested register for account to view all price

What is the currency that apply on the website?

The currency that we accepted USD only

What is the payment term and validity?

The price may change depend on the time and currency, we strongly recommend that you get hold with us by email in order to keep your price lock in for certain time. For small payment that under $1,000 USD, all payment must be done online or bank deposit as the time of placing order. For large amount of payment, we accept bank deposit, however, as new customer we may not accept pending payment. please contact us for negotiation and further information. 

How can I search for products?

You could search by the on-site search bar or by the category, currently, we are working on structure the product category sections

Why I could not click the product into the cart?

The reason for this could be the product request back in order and price checking

Why my order reorganized after placed the order?

The order numbering was set up as A-Z which sort in this order, now we are trying to improve this function.

How could I find the shipping rate and delivery time?

We are sell all products oversea,the delivery time and shipping cost must be made customed , please contact us by email to learn more information. 

How do I know my order shipping information?

Normally, you will receive confirm email letter after your placed your order online.

Why I am receiving email reminder in abandoned cart?

This is the auto message which send by the platform if you had left any unchecked items in the cart.

How can I change the quantities of the product?

The only way to edit the product quantities is to rewrite the number, please make any change of the quantities by click the arrow button next by the number

Is there any payment option available in the website?

We are accept bank deposit and online payment (paypal is available now), please ensure that you have your own paypal account before you make order request, 

How do I know if my order had been processed?

You will be received confirmation letter,again, we will send additional information to verify your order status and shipping address confirmation,once products had shipped, we will send you an email confirmation on tracking for shipment.

What you mean pick up in store? 

Pick up in store is an option for delivery due to the setting up of the shipping process, each customer wants to purchase online must selected this option in order to view the shipping cost in the follow email by the company. 

How could I reach you on the website?

If you are interest in product pricing and detail information, please ensure that you had used CONTACT US  form or LIVE CHAT function on the website.

Is there anything that I need to be aware before I make final purchase?