How can I view the price?

We are a professional industrial wholesale B2B business, currently, we have free access to our price list, to serve you better, we strongly recommend that you register account with us and receive special offer in time. However, there are some products that request call back for pricing, please reach us on live chat.


In what currency are the prices displayed on the website?

We currently accept US Dollar only with prepaid payment. 


What is the payment term and validity?

The price may change depending on time and currency. We strongly recommend that you get a hold us by email in order to keep your price the same for a certain time. For any payments under $1,000 USD, full payment must be done online or through bank deposit at the time of the order placement. For large amounts of payment, we accept bank deposit. However, for new customers we may not accept pending payment. Please feel free to contact us for negotiation and further information. 


How can I search for products?

You can search for products using the on-site search bar at the top of the webpage or sorted by product name. If you want to do bulk quote, we strongly recommend that you could use quick entry page, for additional assistance please use our live chat.


Do you have any promotion or discount on purchase order?

We are offer the lowest rate for all products, for bulk purchase items there may be some discount applicable in condition.


Do you have catalog for download?

We are running an online store which allow you to view products in categories instead of download them in catalog form.


What happen to return or refund products?

We have warranty for products in different terms, to know more about regulation, we recommend that you read over our term and condition for sales.  


Why couldn’t I add a product to the cart?

The requested product may be out of stock, you may be able to request a quote from our online quote system named quote ninja. 


Why was my order reorganized after being placed?

This is a system auto actually work that we could not configure without special editing, however, we have new product list which could help solve the problem. 


Where can I find the shipping rate and delivery time?

We ship our products around the world except for danger items which we need to get approval from the government, the shipping fee will be appear on the order if customer request for a quote, the shipping rate will depend on delivery method that customers had selected, in addition, we do accept customer preferred shipping carrier. 


How do I know my order and shipping information?

You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order online and we will follow up with shipping notification once order had left the warehouse. 


Why I am receiving an email reminder about an abandoned cart?

This is an automatic message that sends if you have left any unchecked items in the cart.


How can I change the quantities of a product?

You can edit the product quantities by rewriting the number or by clicking the arrow button next to the number.


What payment options are available on the website?

We accept bank deposit and online payment (PayPal is available now for small orders). Please ensure that you have your own PayPal account before you make an order request.


How do I know if my order had been processed?

You will receive a confirmation letter. We will also send additional information to verify your order status and shipping address. Once products have shipped, we will send you a confirmation email regarding tracking the shipment.


What do you mean by pick up in store? 

Please select pick up in store if you intend to ship through your own shipping agent or would like to view see the total price without shipping rate. 


How can I reach you through the website?

If you are interested in product pricing, would like more detailed information, or have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to use the contact form on the Contact Us page, or the Live Chat feature indicated by the icon on the bottom right corner of the page of our website. We will be happy to assist with you inquiry, now we are opening 24/7 


Is there anything that I need to be aware of before I finalize my purchase?